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Drew Nicholas

  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

  • Physical Therapist, Onward Milwaukee

  • CPR/AED Certified

I was highly active throughout my childhood into high school playing a variety of sport year-round (soccer, football, baseball, basketball). When I got to college in 2007 all of the organized sports came to an abrupt stop. I played some intramural sports here and there but knew that I had to do more to stay active and in-shape, this is when I found the weight room with the help of a couple friends. It is in the weight room where I gained the freshman 20, 20 pounds of muscle. I greatly enjoyed working out with friends and roommates and it became not only a place to stay in shape but also a place to socialize.


My enjoyment of working out and staying active is what pushed me into my career path of physical therapy, as I found it was a perfect blend of being able to help others with an activity that I enjoyed. Following college, it wasn’t as easy to find the time to work out with friends and I often found myself going to the gym alone with no real plan, I could tell that something had to change but I wasn’t quite sure what.


It wasn’t until I talked with Coach Guillermo at a physical therapy continuing education course that I decided to give CrossFit a try, about 2 days after the course I arrived at Cream City CrossFit, and I’ve been regularly attending ever since. About a year and a half into my CrossFit practice I decided to go through my level 1 training, as I thought that it would be helpful to me in improving my own physical performance, but also help me better understand and serve individuals in my physical therapy practice. About 3 years into my CrossFit practice, I opened a physical therapy practice with an emphasis on a fitness-forward approach, as I saw the positive impacts that CrossFit has had on my life, it made me want to bring that to a wider population.

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