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Get the most out of your training by improving your nutrition & lifestyle habits so you can look and feel your best. All nutrition coaching is available to members and non-members.

ARe you looking for help with:

  • Fat loss/Muscle gain to reflect the hard work you are putting in the gym

  • Crushing your Workouts

  • Better recovery

  • Wanting to look and feel stronger

  • Fat Loss

  • Feeling more energetic

  • Learning how to eat without restriction & without tracking

Then you've come to the right place!

ARe you feeling frustrated with:

  • Feeling a lack of energy during workouts or in general? Feeling weak during workouts?

  • Feeling like you put a lot of effort into showing up at the gym with nothing to show for it?

  • Not knowing how to eat to achieve your goals?

  • Not being able to keep the weight off?

  • Not feeling your best, with common, but not normal health ailments cropping up?

  • Always dieting?

  • Not knowing how to navigate social events while staying on plan?

  • Feeling like nothing is working?

  • You don't know where to start?

  • Not being able to stick to any plan?

  • Feeling frazzled?

  • Never feeling prepared?

  • Not sleeping well?

Food Knolling

What you get with coaching:

  • Accountability

  • Guidance, education, and mindset shifts

  • A customized, strategic food guide

  • Habit / progress tracking so you can see your results

  • Sustainable changes so you don't need to keep starting over

  • Habits you can stick with so you can navigate life and stop the see-saw

  • Resources to help you learn how to to improve your health

  • Personalized habit and nutrition coaching 

Services Offered

Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 6.05.39 AM.png

Eat.Sleep.Repeat in 6 Group Nutrition Program- Starts April 8!

We offer our popular Eat.Sleep.Repeat in 6 program multiple times per year which includes 6 weeks of nutrition coaching, guidance, accountability, strategic meal plans, and before/after scan using the InBody body composition analyzer. Includes use of a coaching app for daily content, metrics tracking, direct messaging to the coach.


Programs are available for both gym members and community members.

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Personalized Mini Nutrition Session 

It's time to stop randomly throwing darts at the dartboard and missing your target! Invest in your health and seek expert advice so you can achieve your goals for the long term.

In this 30 minute session, you will get personalized insight as to what is not working for you and recommendations for actionable items you can take to kickstart your journey and get results for the long term.

Smart Snacking

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Unlock your full potential with guided nutrition coaching aligned with your lifestyle, empowering you to create a consistent foundation for long term success free from intensity, restriction & tracking.

One-on-one coaching includes InBody body composition assessment, nutrition coaching, guidance, accountability, communication via a coaching app for daily content, progress tracking, and direct messaging to the coach.


Programs are available for both gym members and community members.

Get set_edited.png

InBody Body Composition Analysis

InBody body composition assessments are included with paid nutrition coaching, but can be scheduled as an independent paid service. This can be scheduled at our Bay View CrossFit gym location. This service is open to anyone. 

In this 15 minute session, I will explain your scan results. If you would like a mini nutrition session along with the scan, schedule our personalized mini-nutrition session with Inbody Scan. 

How Nutrition Coaching Works


Identify & commit to your goal.


Receive your plan & resources and get started


Complete the short online questionnaire and submit.


Check-in with your coach on a weekly basis and tweak plan and habits as needed.


Meet with your coach to discuss goals & complete the InBody Body Composition Assessment.


Transform your health by improving your habits for sustainable change!

Nutrition Coach on Staff

After struggling many years with food and energy related issues from  having hypothyroidism due thyroid autoimmunity, I decided to become a health and nutrition coach. I went through many trials and errors, made all the mistakes that people make when wanting to feel better while trying to get healthy and I learned so much in the process. I felt it would be a waste not to take what I learned to help others through the process.

I realized how it all comes down to creating healthy habits and leading the life of the person you wish to become. This can be easier than you realize, especially when you surround yourself with people that support your goals! 

My goal is to help others learn to navigate life, while achieving and maintaining their goals and help them obtain a growth mindset and stop the all or nothing thinking that goes along with the diet culture.  It's not about willpower, severe calorie restriction, being perfect and showing up 100% of the time. It's about being consistent with your habits which allows you to continue to enjoy the foods you love so you don't have to give them up. 

Click here to visit my personal business website: Transformative Health Coaching


Coach Angie Michalski
Precision Nutrition 1 Certified
Health & Nutrition Coach
Women's Coaching Specialist, Menopause Coaching Specialist

Transformative Health Coaching

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