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Bring a Friend Week is Here!

Do you have a friend for family member that wants to try CrossFit and check out our gym? Bring a friend week is here! When your friend signs up for a membership, email us so that you can get a $25 discount on your next months membership!

Sign up should completed no more than 3 days prior to the class being attended. The membership is only good for 3 days and classes can only be reserved three days in advance.

One Hour to 3 Days prior to the class to be attended, complete these steps:

  1. Click Sign Up Here button below to go directly to the sign up page. OR from the Join Us menu item, click Drop In, then click the Sign up Now button to be taken to the membership page.

  2. Click Friends and Family membership under the section "Free Trial Drop In" (towards the bottom of the page).

  3. Complete the registration. After registering and completing the waiver, you will need to reserve the class as the process doesn't automatically take you there.

  4. Click Calendar on the main menu panel to the left.

  5. Click the class to be attended (must be 1 hour to 3 days from now or you won't be able to reserve).

  6. Click Reserve.

That's it! We can't wait to meet everyone!


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