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In 2018, after many years of lifting to get stronger, and running to run faster, with no real purpose or goal, I was pushed towards CrossFit by a friend. At first I truly didn't understand the methodology, and the "why" behind any of what I then would have called madness. After a 1 short month, I stopped and went back to my normal regiment. A year later I gave it another go, and before I knew it, going to CrossFit class after my full school day of being a teacher 4 days a week.


Then good old COVID tried to wedge its way into the steady progress I was making as an athlete gearing up to do my first CrossFit open. Thankfully I made good connections at the gym and got to continue my training, and since I had an abundance of free time on my hands, that was the year I took CrossFit from a way to stay fit, to setting goals to push heavier weights, be able to do all movements, and crush any and all Wods possible. The year is now 2021 and I loved CrossFit and everything about it, so I decided to take the L1 course to increase my knowledge of CrossFit, and potentially coach after getting it.


My coaching journey started in December of 2021. I coached twice a week after a full school day for about a year, and continued to coach once a week on top of training for my personal goals. I have since taken CrossFit's Scaling course, and Programming course to continue my knowledge. I am beyond excited to bring my competitive knowledge, love of CrossFit and goal setting to the Cream City community to only help people hit their goals, and their CrossFit stride. 

Ben Heicher


  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

  • CPR/AED certified

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