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As a prospective or new member, a friend/family of a member, or as a drop-in from out of town walking through the door, you should find your experience in our gym to be positive and memorable.

Each member / each class:

  • Will be welcomed by the coach and members of the class.

  • Will start class on time as a collective community, and move through the elements of the warm-up, workout, and cool down together prior to leaving and ending class one hour after starting.

  • Will receive movement demo, personal scaling options and strategy tips that meet your needs as an individual so that everyone finishes the workout around the same time.

  • Be coached with empathy and humility to make your class experience a positive experience that leaves you wanting to come back. Responsible coaching will ensure you are consistently working on mechanics within the desired stimulus of the workout.

  • Will have the full attention of the coach and have the opportunity to ask questions.


Cream City CrossFit coaches provide members with safe, effective training methods that are adaptable to each member’s specific needs and goals. Our coaches are compassionate individuals who continue to learn, grow, and pursue excellence and integrity.

  • Experience: The coaches will start and end classes on time, properly warm up and cool down the class, provide movement demonstrations and workout explanation, provide scaling options, and provide feedback and cues to each athlete to improve movement and performance. They will interact actively with each member of their class.

  • Coaching Virtuosity: Coaching staff continue to develop capacity in the six different abilities: teaching, demonstrating, seeing, correcting, effectively managing groups, and having a positive presence and attitude.

  • Effective, scalable programming: We will provide constantly varied programming geared to meet the needs of all athletes that can be scaled for masters, injuries, or health issues.

  • Responsible training: We follow the charter of: “Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity” to keep athletes safe.  Our coaches are CPR certified and understand that some conditions require medical input for participation, and we do not provide diagnosis and medical treatment outside of the scope of our practice.

  • Empathy: We understand that everyone has different goals and their own reasons for attending our gym. Each member is treated as an individual in regard to how they are feeling and their personal background and experiences. We recognize that everyone’s journey is not the same, and that what works for some does not work for all.

  • Humility: We recognize the achievements of every person, no matter how small. We graciously welcome feedback ourselves and continue our own development.

  • Education: We continue to invest in our coaching staff by providing training, spreading knowledge, and supporting continuing education that will further our members goals.



  • Community: Our friendly community welcomes people of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, culture, genders, races, economic statuses, and ethnicities. When you join our member owned gym, you become a part of our gym family and we support one another.

  • Spread Positivity: Our gym time is a happy hour. We are kind to one another, lift each other up and encourage each other which in turn builds self-esteem and improves self-confidence.

  • Be Coachable: We leave our egos at the door. Having a growth mindset and being open to feedback and guidance from coaches allows us to learn how to improve our daily movement inside and outside the gym, and we are open to learning and trying new things. We are approachable, respectable and willing to put in the effort to improve ourselves.

  • Consistently show up for yourself: We are consistent and schedule the time at the gym to improve our health, fitness, and mindset. We put in the effort, while listening to our bodies, knowing that some days we just need to show up with less intensity, but we still need to show up for ourselves.

  • Make Progress: We strive for progress, not perfection and aim to get better 1% each day. We track our progress and acknowledge when we and others around us meet goals, no matter how small.

  • Be an Ambassador: We want every person that comes through our door to feel welcome, included and be treated with kindness. We ensure new members learn the class flow and understand what to expect out of the class. We help each other out and cheer each other on.


  • Cooperative: We work together to voluntarily contribute to the success of our gym business. Each owner has a voice and we lead by our core values to carry out our mission and vision.

  • Ownership: We take pride in our member owned gym and each person in their own way contributes to the cleanliness, organization, membership, business management, coaching development, and community. This teamwork allows us to successfully run our business and improve the lives of our membership.

  • Integrity: We are transparent and honest. We do what we say we are going to do even when no one is there to see us do it. When we volunteer to do something for the co-op, we are accountable to ourselves and our community.

  • Communication: When we see something, we respectively communicate and do something. Communication in a member owned gym is the key to success.

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