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All experienced CrossFitters are welcome to drop in for a class. We follow Mayhem Affiliate programming.
Click the Sign Up Now button. If you are here because you want to drop in for our friends & family class/week, start with the Friends & Family/Free Trial Drop in Info form and you will be directed to the sign up page.

The Drop-In Info form below is optional. You can start by completing the form and after submitting, you will then will be directed to our class calendar to select, and register, your class. Contact us via email or our contact page if you need assistance.





Weekly drop-in rate


Per week

5 or 10
class Pack


Valid for 1-3 months

If the door is locked, ring the doorbell.

Friends & Family/Free Trial Drop-In Info

This form is only for friends/family and Free Trial option for those that live in the area and are interested in joining our gym. After you submit this form, you will be directed to our class calendar to select & register for your class through our ZenPlanner registration system. You will be required to create an account in Zen Planner to drop in and registration and waiver submittals are required prior to arrival. This is not a class registration form.
Describe your CrossFit experience:

After you click submit, you must register/complete waiver, Reserve your class through our Zen Planner interface to complete the drop-in process so that we know you are coming.

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