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Patrick Garvin


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CPR/AED certified

I started lifting weights in high school in between football and lacrosse seasons but took a break from the gym while at university after suffering major knee injuries in my late teens.


I got reacquainted with the weight room in my early 20's after I was confident that my knee had healed and began lifting and playing bar league sports 4 and 5 nights a week. I followed a 5x5 powerlifting style of programming for a very long time, and I got very strong. I could never get past the idea of having a strong bench/squat/deadlift, but not being able to do a pull up, or gracefully navigate the 5k Storm the Bastille fun run without passing out. I felt I could be doing much more - CrossFit's approach to programming and fitness provided an elegant solution to this problem. Thanksgiving weekend of 2019, I dove in and finished my first workouts with CCCF.


I have been coaching in some capacity since I graduated high school, when i returned to my alma mater Marquette University High School and started helping coach their Freshmen Lacrosse Team in the spring of 2008. I remained with that program in several different roles both on the field, but also in the weight room. I have also spent time coaching Lacrosse with youth level, travel Lacrosse teams (from U9 to U13) and even a season helping with the MSOE Men's Lacrosse Program in 2016. Getting my level 1 CrossFit certification and stepping up to the whiteboard for the evening classes has been a fantastic experience. I get to help our members improve their own technique and encourage them to continue to expand their fitness at CCCF.

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